Choosing Server Virtualization for Your Orlando Business

You have probably been leaving virtualization to the bigger enterprises for years but it is time you take a look at the benefits of server virtualization as a way to help your Orlando business. There are many options out there. What is right for your business? VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V, this is where you need our support services as your trusted Orlando IT support specialists to help.

Waiting for the perfect virtualization option for your business is going to do you no good. Plus, now that the benefits of virtualization are in reach for organizations big and small, there is no reason why your small and medium sized business should not get on the virtualization bandwagon. Well, there are things every SMB must examine before taking on any option.

So, here are five things you should know about virtualization:

  • The benefits of virtualization are bigger for SMBs: Virtual servers bring about a host of benefits. Efficient use of resources, lower maintenance costs, faster server deployment, increased agility and higher availability; you name it. Significant data loss resulting from lack of availability will no longer trouble you either as virtualization mitigates this risk. With virtualization, you will also be able to witness lower maintenance expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructures. Virtualization also decreases and eliminates planned and unplanned downtime, respectively, since a virtualized infrastructure can move workloads from one host to another. And most important of all, virtualization improves the end-user experience, enabling IT to migrate virtual servers and desktops between physical platforms without affecting user productivity.
  • SMBs face unique challenges not seen in larger enterprises: Storage is the first obstacle; virtual servers and virtual desktops can freely move between different hardware platforms only after having common access to shared storage to transfer the running state of workloads between physical servers. You can get over this obstacle with the help of direct-attached disks with storage area networks (SANs) that interconnect to multiple servers. You should also keep in mind that the built-in safety nets against bottlenecks available in enterprise environments are not as likely to be present in smaller environments. While storage disruptions and slowdowns in physical servers are isolated only to a single server or a single application, a virtualized environment complicates the issue. Any single points of failure in a centralized SAN spread across the entire set of interconnected servers and potentially hundreds of virtual servers and thousands of desktops. That is why you must seek out virtualization platforms that deliver a safety net to avoid this problem.
  • Beware of unanticipated deployment costs: Unless you like unpleasant surprises, you ought to ask questions prior to deployment about the cost of project management, shared storage infrastructure development, higher availability and the performance requirements of centralized operations.
  • Initial low-end equipment investments will cost you more in the long run: If you are thinking of adopting equipment with superficially low price points, you must know that these tools lead to higher TCO, since they create a complex infrastructure that is eventually too difficult to manage and unable to scale. So, instead of going for deceptively inexpensive modular options, you should seek out complete solutions tailored for your needs.
  • You don’t have to get rid of existing technology: Removing your existing hardware and making unnecessary investments in new machines is not the right thing to do. Instead deploy a virtualization solution that repurposes the hardware you already have. Choose virtualization software that enables construction of virtual SANs using internal disks in each physical server thus enabling you to turn a pair of existing servers into a dedicated, highly available and high-performance SAN. Such options should also reduce the risk of data loss with continuous real-time replication.

With SMB-specific virtualization platforms now on the market, you can select technology that delivers easy maintenance, affordable implementation and the scalability you seek. And remember, virtualization should simplify your environment, not complicate it. Speak with our team at ASysTech, your Orlando IT Consulting professionals. We work with Orlando business each day and help them understand the benefits of server virtualization as a way to reduce risk, increase efficiencies and cut IT support costs.

Are You Thinking About QR Codes in Your Orlando Business?

Do you know what is the ultimate way (at least for now!) to harness technology for your business, keep up with marketing trends, and reach your customers in new and interesting ways? QR codes (short for quick response code)! You’ve probably already seen them; the bar-code like images that are popping up everywhere from flyers to magazines, utility bills, invoices, TV commercials, product tags and where not!

So, how do QR codes work? These when scanned with a smartphone, redirect consumers to online marketing content! It is as simple (and equally amazing) as that. And when it comes to reading QR codes with Android smartphones, QR Droid, a free app, is the best. It lets you read QR codes you see on marketing materials. Likewise, the app also works for sharing contacts with another Android phone and for creating new QR codes to use in your business! Plus, QR codes are also great for gauging the effectiveness of your advertising efforts; you can simply use web analytics to measure the amount of traffic. No need to set up a special phone number or custom URL to capture the data.

You can use QR codes to link your customers with videos, event details, special offers/coupons, personalized account information, product instructions and much more! So, what are you waiting for? Get on the QR code bandwagon and get going.

Would you like to learn more about how you can add QR Codes in your business? Talk to your team at ASysTech today to learn more about QR codes in business.

Orlando IT Support Team Welcomes Matthew Gordon

ASysTech offers Orlando’s best IT services and tech support services designed to help Orlando and Central Florida business use technology more efficiently. As a means to create solid client relationships while demonstrating the value that ASysTech can provide, they add Matthew Gordon as Sales Manager.

There are many team members that an Orlando managed service provider needs in order to complement the services it provides to the client base they have. ASysTech considers itself fortunate to have found Matthew Gordon to add to their sales management team.

ASysTech has been chosen as a trusted IT consultant & advisor to medium-sized businesses for 18 years in the Central Florida area. They went through many applicants before they hired Matthew.

Lois Hardin, Vice President/Treasurer of ASysTech, filled us in on the details of how the two connected, “Matt found ASysTech on the Internet searching for Microsoft Partners and emailed his resume to Rick, our President. After reading his resume and speaking with him in person, we quickly came to the conclusion that Matt would be a perfect fit for ASysTech, Inc., especially after the experience he gained from working for his father’s company in the UK.”

Matthew was born in Coventry, United Kingdom. His childhood dreams began with him wanting to fly Jump-Jets for the Royal Air Force; unfortunately, due to simple allergies, he had to put those dreams on hold. His ‘Plan B’ was to begin working for his Dad’s company, another leading Microsoft Certified Partner similar to ASysTech, Inc., providing quality IT Support and Services to other Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

At 17, Matthew joined Central Business Services where he started out as an office administrator. “Over the last 7 years and lots of training later (from two of the best Sales guys I know – Daryl Gordon, Managing Director, and Paul Scranage, Sales & Commercial Manager), I climbed the ‘employment ladder’ paying a keen interest in Sales & Marketing, ultimately securing a position which enabled me to bring in as much new business as possible which is something I plan on doing very successfully at ASysTech.”

With over 50 years of combined industry knowledge, clients get the very richest of knowledge when ASysTech consultants recommend solutions. They carefully test and evaluate innovative technology so as to lower inherent risks that their clients might experience. As a sales manager at ASysTech, Matt will have a great deal of influence over sales and productivity. His past education and experience will enable Matt to maintain relationships with the existing client database while showing new customers why ASysTech support and services will give them the best return on their investment.

ASystech provides managed services to small and medium-sized businesses at an economical price while providing high quality. If your business can’t justify the expense of full-time IT staff, we provide the perfect solution: a managed IT services package, which provides you with access to our managed service provider specialists for all your IT needs.

To get your free consultation and find out how ASysTech can make your technology worry-free, call 407-647-7787 or contact us to see how more than 50 years of industry experience can benefit your business. We make I.T. work!

Freedom Rings as America Welcomes the Ushering In of Independence Day

July 4, 1776 was a big day for America. The American Revolution was fraught with fierce battles between the British and the 13 colonies in North America as they fought for their freedom from British control. Each year, the United States of America celebrates this momentous occasion with celebrations all over the nation that include fireworks, barbecues, baseball games (oh, yes!), picnics, concerts, and more.

Depending on which name you decide to refer to Independence Day, you know that the Fourth of July, The Glorious Fourth or the Fourth is going to be a day to remember. You see, Americans love to party; and July Fourth is the granddaddy of all parties as cities all over the nation take a day off from work and get into the spirit for which Independence Day was meant to be.

The citizens of the United States of America are an extremely fervent nation of people, celebrating the freedom of their country with the same fierceness that the colonies fought that tell-tale battle that provided America with a sense of pride unlike any other emotion. Cities start preparing far in advance for the day getting ready for the colorful parades, stringing the cities with red, white and blue streamers, children screaming and getting underfoot in anticipation of the fireworks that promise to be something to truly behold; rockets, firecrackers, smoke balls, Saturn missiles, artillery shells, fountains, air bombs, oh my.

The air is filled with the sounds of patriotic songs including our National anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. Each city tries to outdo each other in having the best and the biggest celebration; however, New York City continues to be the largest in the nation.

Americans have a lot to be thankful for on this festive day as they usher in Independence Day. The hopes and dreams of a nation provide a strong connection to everyone as freedom rings.