ASysTech Honored To Be a Part of the Very First Microsoft Cloud Champion Club Summit

A very special initial event happened in Tampa, Florida for an elite group of individuals that belong to the Microsoft Cloud Champions Club Program that gave managed service providers like ASysTech, Inc. new insights pertaining to a wide assortment of topics.

It’s a special feeling to be part of an inaugural event. Microsoft held their first-ever Cloud Champion Club Southeast District Partner Summit in Tampa, Florida, on November 17. ASysTech, Inc. was one of the selected managed services providers that was able to participate in this all-day special event.

This Summit gave ASysTech a unique opportunity to network and engage with other executives that are part of the top Cloud partners that are focused on Small- to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). During the Summit, partners were presented with a wide variety of impactful topics, such as being competitive in the Cloud, Microsoft’s Office 365 Marketing engine and partner resources, MS CRM Online partner opportunities, and much more.

According to Rick Hardin, President of ASysTech, “The best part was meeting the people we deal with daily on the Office 365 team. Office 365 roadmap gave us insight into how the product will evolve in the future. We met with other vendors whose products support and enhance Office 365 and were able to provide feedback to issues we had encountered.”

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Floods in Thailand and the impact on your Orlando business

Guest Blogger – Ed Correia, President & CEO, Sagacent Technologies, Inc.


After a six week shut-down, Western Digital’s hard drive plant in Thailand has been pumped dry and has resumed production – sort of. This plant has been responsible for 60% of the company’s hard drive production. While the six feet of water that had been filling the plant is now gone, only some of the manufacturing processes have resumed. However, some of the company’s hard drive manufacturing functions will likely not resume again until February or March of 2012!

As you may recall, the amazing flooding in Thailand has affected the whole computer industry in a major way as much of the world’s hard drive production is centered there. Since the flooding began on October 15th many of these manufacturers have been under several feet of water. The result has been the loss of income for hundreds of thousands of Thais (the Western Digital plant alone employed some 37,000 workers) and a big cut in general hard drive availability to both computer manufacturers, reseller’s (like Sagacent Technologies) and consumers alike. In many cases, we (Sagacent) have been struggling to fill the typical end of year surge in computer and server purchases and quite frequently seen a doubling and tripling of hard drive costs – if we could find them.

However, there is another lesson to be learned here, and it relates to our own businesses. While the flooding that caused all of this was certainly unexpected and unprecedented in recent times, it was nonetheless in the list of Sagacent’s ‘top 5 things’ that I warn my clients to be prepared for from a business continuity and disaster preparedness stand point. Western Digital’s production has suffered a significant hit at a key point in their year. They are expecting to incur special costs of between $225 million and $275 million as a result of this disaster. How would your business fare if it were flooded – or some other disaster impacted (1) total productivity for six weeks, (2) partial productivity for months to come, and (3) it had to incur huge costs in order to become productive again?

It should make you think. And it should make you sit down with your key management and trusted advisors and say, “how would we deal with x happening and what would we do about it?” That is where Business Continuity Planning begins.

– Ed Correia


Security Risks With BlueTooth Devices

You think Bluetooth car-kits (that allow you to talk hands-free while you drive) are safe? Don’t be so sure! According to Finnish data security firm Codenomicon, there are some major security holes in the otherwise considered secure Bluetooth radio technology which is widely used to link cellphones to their accessories. According to a research paper from the firm, critical problems were found in all Bluetooth-enabled car-kits it tested this year. So, if your Bluetooth happens to have faulty security, it can give criminals access to information on your phone or coding errors could lead to damage to your car’s electronic system thus putting your safety at risk! Hmm… this does seem to have serious implications.

So, what exactly has been putting users at risk? Software faults act as the backdoors for exploiters to invade devices. In the words of technology chief Ari Takanen, “The problems are in the implementation. Coders make human mistakes.” And he also said that it was very difficult to decide which device was more secure. After all, quality of the software is rarely visible to customers.

Bluetooth industry lobby Bluetooth SIG, however, believes that the technology is secure. Commenting on the findings, Mike Foley, Bluetooth SIG’s executive director said, “One of the reasons these members pick Bluetooth wireless technology is because of the strong security Bluetooth technology can provide through effective implementations by the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who build these products.”

What do you think?

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