Can the iPad help your Orlando business?

If you think iPads are just for leisure or for entertainment, think again. With nearly 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies in the US report deploying or testing the iPad, this revolutionary device has become a tool for business too!

Manufactured by Apple, these easy to hold, easy to transport, and easy to use devices use the same operating system as iPod Touch and iPhone. They do not use input devices like the mouse or keyboard and require you to use your fingers to touch and navigate. Thanks to the availability of hundreds and thousands of applications that range from entertainment, media and education to even productivity and business, the iPad can be used as one powerful device in all areas of life and your workplace is definitely no exception.

Here are reasons why you should bring your iPad to work:

Presentations: Presentations are made so much easier by iPads. First off, they are portable and secondly, they contain applications that allow you to import and edit PowerPoint presentations, and even accessories to connect the device to a monitor or projector. You can also do virtual presentations as there are iPad apps that let you stream your presentation via the Internet.

Communication and Collaboration: If it is communication and collaboration you want, the iPad is the name of the game. With the iPad, you get built-in applications for emailing and you also get to add more to support audio and video conferencing. You can manage meetings with the built-in calendar and address book apps and also use the built-in support it has for third-party mail and calendar applications like Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, and Calendar. If you want, you may also download and use additional applications to help you manage your tasks, monitor projects, share files, post and view your social networks! And the iPad’s larger screen is definitely a plus!

Field assignments: The iPad is the best device for people on the go as it is light weight and portable. You can install and configure VPN clients to securely connect to your office network when in the field, or even use any of the business applications (mainly cloud based ones) you use in the office. Managing your itinerary while on assignment also becomes much easier with the iPad, thanks to the built-in productivity tools.

Travel: With the iPad, you can carry your whole world as you travel. Besides the apps that help you manage your travel itinerary, there are built-in communication and collaboration tools that let you touch base with your office and find out what progress is being made. When you are not using your iPad for work, you can use it as a media viewer or news reader for information and entertainment.

Industry-specific apps: There are many industry specific apps that let you use the iPad for various purposes. You can use it as a point-of-sale display, or even as a point-of-sale device and much more!

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ASysTech On Top of Its Game As Full-House Sponsor To the Give Hope Foundation

Hope is one of the few things that children who have cancer have left to look forward to — hope for a cure, hope the cancer will just go away, hope that I have a better day today. Their families, too, hope for the same wishes their young child has with a few added wishes of their own — hope that their child is not sick from the radiation today, hope that they will get their special wish today, hope that they can meet the financial hardships that arise from fighting cancer, etc.

There is so much that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can do — from actively volunteering to contributing to becoming an active corporate sponsor. That is why ASysTech became a Full-House Sponsor and was invited to their Leadership Team.

At first, the sponsorship was for a specific event — the Give Hope and Hold ‘Em 2011 Gala that was held in Orlando in May of this year. Why the name Full-House Sponsor? The Gala was the Give Hope Foundation’s way of bringing the city of Las Vegas to Orlando for a night of professionally-managed Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Fine Food, Silent & Live Auction, Live Entertainment, and Raffle Giveaways! Never before has Orlando been privy to so much fun — and it was all for a great cause.

The Give Hope Foundation was established in 2005 in response to those individuals with childhood cancer. Give Hope helps not only the children, but also the families who find themselves with the burdens of medical needs, emotional needs and financial stresses. The employees at Give Hope do not get paid for the many roles and responsibilities they fulfill on a daily basis. Instead, the Foundation depends on corporate partners like ASysTech to provide MSP assistance and to donate their time and money — all of which goes to the children and families and not to the Foundation itself.

What about you? Are you able to look into the eyes of a young child and not give them the gift of hope? Why not become involved with the Give Hope Foundation right now. There are so many different ways that you as a local Orlando business can help. Step up and help to make a difference.

Government Stalemate: What Orlando Businesses Can Learn

From Guest Blogger – Audrey Wong Chung

“Witnessing the latest stalemate in the discussions around our nation’s budget inspired me to remember times as an international business woman when I’ve been in a situation where I had to collaborate with one or more parties where the ability to come to a common ground seemed near impossible. What I learned in those situations is called ‘Compassionate Collaboration’,” says Audrey Wong Chung, the founder of Beliza Design and an international business powerhouse.

“Following are 6 easy tips I have found very helpful in rallying stakeholders in a collaborative effort to avoid a stalemate:”

  1. Define the common goal. What are you trying to accomplish as a group? It’s more difficult to argue the “highest good” goal than it is the detailed activities and tasks proposed to achieve the goal. Having the goal clearly defined is a great way to bring the collaborative efforts back to focus.
  2. Take initiative. Be brave. Share authentically your thoughts. Some of the best and innovative ideas and inventions were shots in the dark.
  3. Be compassionate and respectful when providing feedback on each party’s ideas and thoughts. Don’t just throw out an idea if it seems foreign or far-fetched to you. Respect the new ideas. Out of these new ideas, evolution often occurs.
  4. Listen with your heart. Try to understand the intent or rationale behind statements. Don’t listen only with your brain and analyze the grammar and semantics; this is especially helpful when dealing with parties from different backgrounds and cultures. Remember, don’t get lost in the weeds.
  5. Above all, remember that you are all together to work toward a common goal. You are all human beings and the underlying motive is to do the best thing for the group. Understanding that will lessen the chance of fear-based reactions such as judgment, ridicule, and anger.


About Audrey Wong Chung: Audrey Wong Chung is the founder and CEO of Beliza Design and an international business powerhouse. Audrey owns a portfolio of international companies that manufacture and sell fashion and luxury goods to the mass market. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology, Audrey began her career as a management consultant at Accenture. After ten years of experience in managing consulting, process and systems design, development, implementation, and change management experience, Audrey decided to take a turn in her career pathway. As a child actress, she worked with many well known Hollywood stars, including Bill Cosby, who specifically asked her back to the Cosby show more than once, recognizing something special in this child. Audrey was a child artist recipient of an art study scholarship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and she went on to combine her business experience and appreciation of art and design. Thus, she founded Beliza Design, an international design and fashion company, based in Ann Arbor, MI, in 2008. Complimenting her success with Beliza Design, Audrey went on to begin the AFA Foundation, dedicated to promoting the overall health of women and children, and freedom. Audrey can be contacted directly at: