Are You Thinking About QR Codes in Your Orlando Business?

Do you know what is the ultimate way (at least for now!) to harness technology for your business, keep up with marketing trends, and reach your customers in new and interesting ways? QR codes (short for quick response code)! You’ve probably already seen them; the bar-code like images that are popping up everywhere from flyers to magazines, utility bills, invoices, TV commercials, product tags and where not!

So, how do QR codes work? These when scanned with a smartphone, redirect consumers to online marketing content! It is as simple (and equally amazing) as that. And when it comes to reading QR codes with Android smartphones, QR Droid, a free app, is the best. It lets you read QR codes you see on marketing materials. Likewise, the app also works for sharing contacts with another Android phone and for creating new QR codes to use in your business! Plus, QR codes are also great for gauging the effectiveness of your advertising efforts; you can simply use web analytics to measure the amount of traffic. No need to set up a special phone number or custom URL to capture the data.

You can use QR codes to link your customers with videos, event details, special offers/coupons, personalized account information, product instructions and much more! So, what are you waiting for? Get on the QR code bandwagon and get going.

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Use Facebook Recommend This Place to Build Your Orlando Business

If you have a business with a physical location, you can now use a brand new way to gain exposure for it in the news feed (and get more users to like your page too). This feature is called “Recommend This Place,” the new feature on Facebook Pages lets businesses that have listed their street addresses in the Page build their fan bases, for FREE! Appearing in the right sidebar of Pages to users who live nearby your business, the Recommend This Place feature lets users write a short recommendation of your business which is then published to the user’s news feed and shown to his friends when they visit the Page. Easy and free! Could getting exposure for your business get any better?

Why this feature important to your business?

  • Because it gets your business news feed exposure like never before: How do you normally get free news feed exposure to non-fans? By getting them to mention or link to your Page in one of their updates, photo tags, or comments? Well, users are the least likely to do that. With this brand new easy to publish feature, you can gain free, compelling news feed which is going to help a recommendation author’s friends discover your Page.
  • Because of Like Conversion Improvement: What better way to encourage the author’s friends to Like your Page than this recommendation feature? It displays a social endorsement to the author’s friends.

Once you get the users to land on your Page, the content of your default landing tab (your wall or a third-party application) is what will convince them to Like your Page. So, make sure you are making a good impression.

How does this feature work?

Near the top of a Page’s right sidebar is where ‘Recommend This Place’ panel appears. This will be visible only to users who list themselves as living in the same city or otherwise within roughly 12 miles of your business. The panel has the instructions “Help your friends discover great places to visit by recommending [the name of your Page]” above an open text field where users can write a recommendation of your location.

Once the recommendation is submitted, it appears as a rich feed story on the author’s wall and yes, you’ve guessed it, in the news feeds of their friends as well where it is likely to receive Likes or comments. This will also appear to the author of a recommendation’s friends when they visit the Facebook Page of the location in a section of the right sidebar called “Recommendations from Friends”.

How do you attain recommendations?

Here’s how…

Use Geotargeted Page Updates to request users that live nearby to recommend. This can be done by:

  • Checking to make sure your Page lists an address and displays the Recommend This Place panel.
  • If not, adding an address in the Basic Information tab of the Edit Page admin interface.
  • Going to your Page’s publisher and clicking on the lock icon to bring up the targeting parameters.
  • Setting your country first followed by the city of your business.
  • Including nearby cities that are within roughly 12 miles of your city.
  • Writing a simple, thankful call to action requesting users to visit your Page and use Recommend This Place. Don’t forget to mention where the feature can be found.
  • Publishing and responding to any comments or questions with further instructions if necessary.
  • Repeating it every few months.

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