Is Your Business Safe From Online Hackers?

If you think mere passwords can keep hackers away, think again.

That is what hackers are here for; to hack your passwords.

Do you know what one of their favorite targets is these days? It is online banking. So, if you happen to run a small business and have arrangements with your bank, it is high time you reviewed your online banking system. If you don’t do it soon, you may end up being one of the victims, just like a small business that lost $63000 to cyber-thieves in an online banking attack. Here is how the thieves did it…

First, they tapped into the company’s system with the help of a piece of malware called the Zeus Trojan and accessed the username and password used by the company while transacting with its bank. The thieves then created several ghost employees with payroll accounts which were sent to the bank and validated using the company controller’s username and password. They also didn’t forget to erase the confirmation emails regarding the transaction to keep suspicion at bay.

This cyber-theft is an indication that all small businesses need to review their current online banking systems and deal with the vulnerabilities they have in their existing systems. Weaknesses are things that let the hackers in. Don’t forget to beef up your security by reviewing your current security protocols. Hackers and cyber-criminals are constantly updating Trojans and other malware to stay in tune with changing IT protection systems. You must make sure you stay a step ahead of them.

Remember, you don’t have to experience it firsthand to learn; you can learn from others’ mistakes too.

My team at ASysTech specializes in working with Orlando businesses to ensure all your information is kept as secure as possible. We take the steps required to minimize the risks to your business from unauthorized access to company records through hacking and even social engineering. Give us a call today and our team will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help you lessen the risks associated with having the wrong IT security in place.